About the book

Inspiration for this book was my dog, Bailey, who touched my life and that of my family in so many ways, that his death in 2008 filled us with grief.

A sweet and gentle golden retriever in an extra-large, 110-pound plus frame, he changed all of us by providing unwavering love and devotion, joy and laughter, and antics that always made us smile.

“The Loss of a Pet,” by Wallace Sife is one of the books that was especially helpful during that time.

Sife writes, “We get much love and delight from them in life, and we grieve deeply for them when they die. Because of the unique enhancement they provide in our lives, they become a treasured part of us, forever.”

He continues, “We have to learn to cope with the physical breaking of the bond. After the initial stages of mourning, we come to realize that the deeply personal spiritual aspects of the bond still remain unbroken. And because of this we begin to understand that each pet’s spirit is wonderful and symbolic to us.”

The kind words of friends, family and strangers helped to lift our spirits after our loss. My hope is that this book, given to someone in remembrance of a canine companion, will help to comfort and support them.

About the author

June Greig is a first-time author who worked as a reporter for The Republican, formerly the Union-News, of Springfield, MA, for 23 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism/English from University of Massachusetts.

She is certified as a Pet Loss Bereavement Counselor by the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement.

Presently a bookseller, she works in her off-time on her writing and photography interests.

A New Jersey native, her experiences as a child assisting a neighbor who groomed poodles, played a part in developing her interest in and love of dogs. Her own first dog was one of the groomer’s poodles.

She is a member of Connecticut River Valley Golden Retriever Club, and has served on its board of directors.

She lives in Western Massachusetts with her family and dog, Cooper.

bailey and the author at the beach

The author and her dog, Bailey,
on the beach at Cape Cod, MA

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